We believe there should be a genuine luxury barbershop in Cockfosters – quality hairdressing isn’t just for the city! That’s why we brought R.W.WOLF, your artisan barbershop in Cockfosters, to the gentlemen of this area who deserve the best.

Our Cockfosters barbershop is built on the legacy left by our great-great-grandfather, a legendary, tenacious barber from whom we get our name. This kind of hair cutting heritage is inspired by the Wolf who pushed us to greatness; his red and white beams from our barber pole as much as it beats from our hearts, and now we invite you to join us to experience it at the best barbershop Cockfosters has ever seen.

We’re more than just barbers, we’re here to groom you, guide you and get you feeling and looking your best all the time. Our team are expertly trained when it comes to dealing with different skin and hair types, they’ll be glad to give you some advice on how to improve your grooming routine too.

Our barbering family sits proudly at the pinnacle of men’s grooming in Cockfosters. With over 150 years behind us, we’re the leader of the pack of barbers in Cockfosters. If you’re looking for luxury men’s grooming near Cockfosters, you would be well-advised to adhere to experience, establishment and expertise – three qualities you can find at our unrivalled Cockfosters barbershop.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional wet shave with intricate precision and pampering or a modern hair style topped off with premium product, R.W.WOLF is the best barbers in Cockfosters. Don’t just take our word for it, come in and see for yourself – we don’t bite.



Barbers in Cockfosters

If you’re in pursuit of the top barbers in one of London’s most distinctive suburbs, your path should bring you directly to Cockfosters, to the welcoming entrance of R.W.WOLF Barbers. This exceptional location is where the Wolf has deployed his grooming prowess, establishing a fresh benchmark for the discerning gentlemen of the city.

In a place where urban meets suburban, much like the harmony of Cockfosters, R.W.WOLF Barbers serves as a keystone in the community, providing incomparable service to both locals and visitors. Each of our proficient barbers personifies the spirit of the Wolf – fervent, ambitious, and incessantly refining and perfecting our craft.

The R.W.WOLF way transcends the ordinary barber service, it is an experience – a refined grooming journey infused with tradition and modern flair. Therefore, for every gentleman in the city, whether you’re a local or merely passing through, come and enjoy the best of London barbers at our exclusive location in Cockfosters. Discover the remarkable grooming service and dedicated customer care that embodies the R.W.WOLF way.


A barbering experience like no other... 🔥✂️ Follow the way of the wolf, and step through our doors to be transformed into the man you have always wanted to become. Walk-ins only, join us at any of our locations today. 📍

Monument: Monday - Saturday, 9am - 7pm
Cockfosters: Monday - Sunday, 9am - 7pm
Marylebone: Monday - Sunday, 9am - 7pm

Get ready to Tame The Beast... 🐺 #rwwolfbarbers